Early Stage

We invest $250k - $1M in Seed - Series B rounds and actively look to participate in follow-on rounds.

North America

We invest in companies based in the U.S. or Canada.

Tech Generalists

We partner with technology and software companies in a broad range of sectors including e-commerce, internet, fintech, adtech, and proptech.

Product-Market Fit

We seek products or services that have a long-term relationship with customers and deliver compelling unit economics.

Founder-Market Fit

We back dedicated founding teams that have domain expertise and a reason to win.

Opportunities to Help

We identify ways to deploy our extensive network and strategic resources to create value.

How We Help Founders

Strategic Co-Investors

Our Executive Partners — a select group of founders, operators, specialists, and investors — have the experience required to help companies scale from startups into market leaders.

Value-Add Network

We have a track record of making impactful connections to support founding teams with fundraising, recruiting, business development, and other critical functions.

Long-Term Partners

Great businesses are not built overnight, and the path to success is rarely a straight line. Founders have the long-term support of our capital, our team, and our network.

Our Values

Play to Win

We are fiercely competitive and determined to help build the market-leading companies of tomorrow.

Team First

Our success depends on the collective performance of our team, a selfless approach, and a genuine commitment to collaboration. We put the team before the individual and share in the success.

Embrace Diversity

We believe the diverse and complementary backgrounds of our founders and partners give us a broader perspective and make us better investors.

Stay Disciplined

We approach everything we do with institutional rigor and are laser-focused on our mission. We believe in the power of intellectual honesty and independent thinking to reach objective conclusions.

Build Relationships

Our relationships and reputation are the core of our identity. Both are hard to build, easy to lose, and earned through authenticity. We strive to be the best partners possible, especially when the going gets tough.

Earn it

There are no shortcuts to success. We stay humble, stay hungry, and work like we have something to prove.